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How to obtain the best working with your team.


Leaders need followers trusting in their leadership

A 3 day workshop designed and directed by Olya Khaleelee, based on the Taviskock method for organization development.

Leadership capacity is intricately bound up with the use of their personal authority in taking up a role as well as recognizing their interdependency with others: authority needs to be given as well as taken; thus there are no leaders without followers prepared to trust in their leadership. Leaders is a three-day residential workshop designed to enable participants to analyse, explore and experiment with how they use their authority within leadership roles in complex organizations.

Particular emphasis will be put in assessing the capacity to generate and influence change within organizations.

A good enough knowledge of English is necessary to take utmost profit from the workshop.

The Tavistock Method

The workshop utilises a methodology developed by the London based Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust and Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR). The Institute applies ideas from across the Social Sciences, including group dynamics perspectives, to provide practical help to individuals and organisations needing to deal with issues of change.


Satisfied every expectation!” Managing Director,  Spain

Far better than conventional training for actually changing and improving leadership ability” Director of Strategy, Sweden

Overall, the conference was the most significant personal professional event I have attended” Vice President, HR, Sweden

Far more effective and challenging than the traditional text book approach” Learning and Development Manager, London

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