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Olya Khaleelee, direttore del workshop ALFA, a proposito di BREXIT.

fonte: Huffington Post

Measuring Our Leaders’ Judgement

Olya Khaleelee, Interested in leadership, organisational transition and transformation, has published extensively on system psychodynamics and on society.


After two weeks of unprecedented political turmoil and fallout following the EU Referendum, recent work on the capacity of our society to produce leaders with faulty judgement through the British boarding school system (‘Wounded Leaders’ as Nick Duffell calls them) has never been more relevant. The psychodynamics of political life are in full swing with the shock result of the EU Referendum, the resignation of the Prime Minister and the savaging of the Leader of the Opposition by his own Shadow Cabinet; this, followed by betrayal and backstabbing, leading to the resignation of a key and popular Brexiteer and the mobilisation of a new female head of the Conservative party. No longer is a week in politics a long time, now each day brings more shock revelations. Read the rest of this entry »